Dr. Bartner specialize in several conditions and areas.  Between both doctors they have most areas covered.  Below is a list of Specialities in our office:

Migrane Headaches:

Dr. Bartner was a migrane sufferer before she became a chiropractor, in fact it was her headaches that brought her to a chiropractor for the very first time.  After getting relief after years of headaches she decided to become a chiropractor.  As a result, Dr. Bartner has spent many extra cirricular hours studying the subject as well as taking several technique seminars.  Dr. Laura has a high success rate in treating headache patients.

Lower Back Pain:

Dr. Bartner  have over 39 combined years in practice.  They have successfully treated patients with lower back pain due to many different causes.  A variety of techniques are used to find the most successful method of treatment for each individual patient.  Before your first adjustment, you will have an exam to determine the exact cause of your type of lower back pain, as well as to make sure that you are in the right place. If yours is not a chiropractic case, they will let you know and refer you to the appropriate specialist.

Pain Due to Pregnancy:

As a woman's pregnancy progresses, many find that the change in posture, weight gain and hormonal changes affect them causing various areas of discomfort.  Dr. Laura specializes in adjusting pregnant women.  After an initial exam to determine the source and cause of discomfort, Dr. Laura knows just how to accomodate the pregnant body on the adjusting table and how to gently adjust the spine to help make those last couple of months more comfortable and tolerable.  Getting adjusted while you are pregnant is safe and the best thing you can do for you and your baby.


Children are always very active and take many falls and tumbles along the way from the time they learn to walk and beyond.  Windham "Family" Chiropractic  is just that.  We have been seeing familes since we have been in business helping kids with the many symptoms and challenges that happen along the way.  From bumps and falls to wellness care, both Dr. Bartner is well skilled in adjusting babies, kids and teens.  Having your child adjusted will help prevent them from having the problems you suffer from as an adult.   

Receptor Tonus Technique:

Receptor-tonus Technique is a systematic approach which removes trigger points. The doctor searches for and corrects these points which bombard the nervous system and give rise to subluxations and pain. Trigger points arise from several causes, such as acute or chronic muscular overload, direct trauma, poor posture, and even emotional stress. Once a trigger point has occurred, the nerves become irritated which, in turn, produce pain. The treatment consists of applying  pressure to these trigger points getting them to release. Working on trigger points in conjunction with spinal adjustments produces a higher rate of success, pain relief and allows the patient to hold their adjustments for a longer period of time.

Extremity Adujsting:

If you have injured one of the joints in the body (arm, leg, hand, foot), Both Dr. Bartner have experience treating these areas outside the spine.  Many problems can be effectively addressed by a thorough evaluation and adjustment. 

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